PlanetWatchers flood map of Iota (light blue) and Eta (darker blue). The coastal area has been hit hard by both storms with more flooding to the south by Iota. Eta hit on November 3rd near Puerto Cabezas and Iota on November 17th near Haulover. Contains Copernicus data 2020.

Last week we shared our analysis of the devastating flooding in Central America following Hurricane Eta that came ashore in northeastern Nicaragua on November 3rd. …

Contains Copernicus data 2020.

Hurricanes have become stronger worldwide during the past four decades, an analysis of observational data shows according to researchers in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), supporting what theory and computer models have long suggested: climate change is making these storms more intense and destructive.

Analysing satellite imagery from…

Lava enters Gary Sleik’s garden, burning trees and shrubbery (source) Picture: EPA

If you look for optical satellite images of the volcanic eruption in Kilauea over the last month, you will have difficulty finding a clear shot due to a combination of clouds, gases and dust obscuring the satellite’s view. …

It Really Is the Little Things

I grew up spending all of my free time outdoors, whether it was working at botanical gardens in New England (before I knew the differences between the plants), planning renewable energy projects in California or building hiking trails in Utah, the central facet of…

The view from PlanetWatchers’ office in Tel Aviv.

Execution is everything in startups: the tight time frames, the overwhelming tasks, and the constant need for quick wins. Yet, many startups choose to delay the staffing of the COO role. You can hear different opinions debated in founding teams around the world:

“Operations, that’s a big word, lots of…


Using SAR analysis to enable accurate data driven decisions in the commercial world.

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